12 June 2006

General Notes Part 4

This afternoon we had a very long orientation session and it was, I confess, a little guiltily uplifting for me since I know the ropes by now on voting, testifying, the path of legislation, etc. I wished i would have brought my knitting for sure and won't be leaving home without it anytime soon. We did share our stories with our table groups, though, which was a great experience. Telling our stories is a huge step forward from "tell us your top 5 reachable goals for mission in 8 minutes" or some other assinine "professional" BS. Telling each other our stories, when it transforms us, is more amazing than any 10-point plan.

Dinner with deputation was a treat - got to wrap with a fellow deputy about interiority and young adults, non-duality, and integration. Very esoterically delightful. I'm so glad he and Matt will get this opportunity to spend time together again. They're practically in orbit together...around what i do not know. But when matt arrives tomorrow we'll find out.

Then I met up with seminary friends and later attended a gathering of young adults - deputies, Episcopal Peace Fellowship people, Young Adult gathering, and many other visitors. It was more fun this time for me than in 2003 because I actually knew some people and didn't have to stand by myself. Consequently I made a point to meet as many new people as possible, too, and there were many to meet!

Then we walked each other to our hotel rooms and I'm dead tired. Tomorrow my committee's hearings begin at 7:30 so I'm long overdue for beddy-bye. It was a great day of many friends arriving in town and getting situated further into the space, atmosphere, and community of General Convention. I'm hopeful for our time together here. Now if I could just factor in some more time for sleep -- !


Blogger Debbie of Boise said...

I join the others in thanking you for your posts. I'm really glad to hear they are having table groups share stories. We started doing that at our diocesan conventions and it works very well. I hope they continue to do that through convention. The more we hear each other's stories the better!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Kirstin said...

Great to hear from you! Please tell everyone I said hi.

12:54 PM  

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