16 May 2006

the Almost Done

The Feeling of Almost Done:

the stomach twitter dying down,
fewer cups of coffee per hour,
allowing myself to look past the FINAL DAY mark on the calendar,
remembering what the sun looks like,
acquainting myself with the outside air,
starting to answer my phone again,
running out of bloggable ideas and other procrastination attempts,
no more new zits erupting,
absolutely no more ways to rearrange the furniture,
all nails are painted,
the last paper has been printed ("blank ink low")
or emailed ("read receipt - your message has been delivered"),
I'm in my pajamas at 4 pm AGAIN, for the last day this week,
I begin to recall the sound of the voice and the look of the face of my spouse,
I'm out of sticky notes and tea bags and all highlighters are completely drained,

The EnD Of thE SemEStEr.


Blogger Marshall said...

Hang in there, Child of God. Soon, soon.

7:14 PM  

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