17 April 2006

Hypercolor-Nails-Good-Friday and the-Ocean-Easter

Matt cringes when I bring up anything at all as "our tradition." I admit; I'm hopelessly sentimental for family traditions, so I've had a hard time holding back these first two years of marriage. I do often think to myself, Will this become a tradition? Wait, have we done this before? It's a tradition!

So, when Matt suggested we go to the ocean on Easter, I was thrilled -- we've gone on a nature adventure the last three Easters! This time we had the ocean to explore. We ended up at the Cliffhouse area of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, walking along Ocean Beach and through the ruins.

Good Friday was also its own adventure. H and I met to study and ended up get pedicures and manicures. The only polish this place had that didn't have formaldehyde was a polish that changes colors in response to heat and cold. So, I'm sometimes-dark-pink-sometimes-pale-pink. As our Lord hung on the cross, I indulged toes and fingers, got ice cream and udon soup, and read about the English ReformationS. H and I always start with very specific, sensible tasks and end up miles away basking in the sun or getting our cuticles pushed.

It was a great Holy Week, full of traipsing around the Bay Area to see cool takes on each service and dreaming about the end of the semester. Coming up: a summer of General Convention, 4 weddings (and hopefully no funeral.) My sisters and I are going to move in together for a month and recreate our childhood as a time free of fights and full of adoring one another without reservation.


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