13 February 2006

Sunday's Friday Five

1. How do you say goodbye to someone you will see again soon?
"talktoyousoon" (*wave, grin*)

2. What is your favorite foreign word for "goodbye?"

(OR... does "later-dude" count?)

3. Have you ever planned a special farewell for someone, or had one planned for you?
before matt and i moved to berkely, i planned my own farewell party at my office, which turned out to be a disaster. i organized a scavenger hunt that nobody understood, with four different locales for drinks and meals that nobody stuck to, and i lost matt for about half the night and wandered around downtown Columbia looking for him until around 1 am. All this the day before we fly out of town forever. everyone else got hammered and had a great time. the one oasis was an interlude of listening to jazz and drinking sake with Walt between gigs.

4. What is the hardest goodbye you have had to say?
when my sisters came to california a week after we moved, i realized what it meant to not want to say goodbye. we did one of those really dramatic airport goodbyes where you cry and wave until they are completely through security and then you text each other until they board the plane. I know, I know.

5. What is the most romantic goodbye you have seen in a movie?
i'll probably be skewered by my sisters, but the best goodbye scene is when BB kills Bill at the end of Kill Bill 2. When she cries and explains that she's "a bad person," I know that BB loved Bill and Bill always loved/will always love BB.

And a Bonus question for Musical Theatre geeks: Which Von Trapp child would you like to be in "So Long, Farewell?"
My childhood in a nutshell:

"I'd like/
to stay/
and taste my first champagne/...


*frowns, leaves*


Blogger mikey said...

okay, i read this one. It made me cry and laugh. Cried because of the saddest good-bye and laugh because you chose BB and Bill. The entry prior to this one was cool and definitely made me crack up at the end. And the one for feb. 11th was so YOU. so i hope you are having a good day/week/hour whatever. i miss you a whole bunch.

8:56 AM  

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