12 February 2006

Eucharist Shmoocharist, Baptism Shmaptism

OK, I get it. So, the reason nobody wants to change the way we worship is because the way we worship is kind of old. I mean, by that, about 1600 years or so. I mean, I guess its KIND OF a long tradition.

OK, I get it. If I want to change the way we worship at the seminary I should take advantage of the full breadth of worshiping experiences available at CDSP. Tonight I went to our weekly Taize hosted by a student. It was beautiful. The chapel was completely dark, and candles lit our way to a circle of chairs. It was a delicious 20 minutes of silent meditation between two slices of chanty bread, slathered with group prayer and psalms. I get it. If I want variety, I should partake of the variety that's already ready already.

In other news, Dick Cheney shot someone.


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