23 May 2006

I AM.... impatient

Since buying the 3/4 ton diesel truck, I have become acquainted with a new side of myself - honky glam.

Yesterday we went to register our new baby, and I looked awesome in my greasy hair, holey too-small T-shirt, and chapel-of-love manicure. As we pulled into the DMV parking lot, Matt said, you sure got some honky glam going today sweetheart. I said, this is trucker glam, honey, I hope you like it.

In honor of the purchase, it was definitely in order that we take our friends Chil and Pallie out for dinner. We've probably spent as much time in their Saturn as they have, and they've even loaned it to us for Saturday trips to Santa Cruz! I mean, they've been great. Since we might not be the primary drivers of their car anymore, we wanted to thank them real nice for what they've did fer us.

Cafe Gratitude is a gem of the Bay Area raw foods movement, and they have a new location in Berkeley. Chil and Pallie are usually up for the unusual, and we were pretty curious oursleves, being from Midwestern Meat Stock, so we walked our butts down to Shattuck and got a table right away. Raw is the word. Everything is "alive" as they say. And pretty derishus, too. All the dishes are named things like "I am Abundant" or "I am Eternally Sweet" or "I am Inspired" so when you order, you talk real nice about yerself. You share tables with whomever is around you, which was cool, and they give you cards from their "game" to play, which goes something like: "Say ' I enjoy giving of myself' three times to the person next to you." My smoothie was amazing for being dairy-free and the "cheese" (ground whipped cold seeds mush) was frickin great. And Phil found two bugs on his meal. I wasn't sure if that was part of the hipness of the adventure or just wrong. When Chil and Pallie had to scoot to make it to night-church, Matt and I ordered dessert (also fabulous) and hung around a little.....no, a lot.....longer.

When the check finally came, three parties had eaten and left in the time that we had. We had fallen into the black hole of cafe gratitude, and the hip-factor really lost points for me as a result. I guess I wasn't cool enough to wait 45 minutes for a check. I got kind of cranky, so props to Matt for sticking it out. But I left knowing one thing about myself,



Blogger mikey said...

duh! but you're better, i think now-a-days. i wish i was.

6:46 PM  
Blogger TheCrowdBelow said...

honky glam in cafe gratitude! is it sincere, or is it yet another annexation of hip?

9:53 PM  
Blogger Charlotte said...

I am ... highly amused.

(I think Cafe Gratitude needs all the honky glam it can get. Bless their hearts, they mean well, and most of the food is pretty tasty.)

2:04 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Here is your bumper sticker:

1:40 PM  

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