10 June 2006

General Notes Part 1

OK - let's see how much General Convention coverage you can get from here. I'm posting from Columbus, Ohio, the site of the 75th Episcopal General Convention, our every-three-years meeting for church bid-niss. I'm here in my Columbus hotel room - with a view of the city. My TMobile wireless account is set up so I plan to update as regularly as time allows. Met up with some members of my deputation for dinner. My two calendars, official and unofficial, are filling up quickly. Losing three hours coming to Ohio was strange - i got on the plane at 9am and off at 4pm. Now I'm moved in and taking it all in, spending a lot of time praying and tapping in to all those everywhere who are praying from home and work.

Haven't timed the hike to the covention center yet but my fellow deputies are all in a twitter with the one mile distance. I think it will be a good hike. Tomorrow I'll try to stock up on breakfast and snack goodies, go to church at Trinity right down the street, and maybe pick up our intern at the airport. Some people start committee work tomorrow but not me - I don't start until Monday morning.

I'm going to watch Austin Power and try to fall asleep.


Blogger Ann said...

Welcome to Camp Chaos aka the General Convention of the Episcopal Church and Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women.

All the games, songs, and prayers that are familiar from previous camps plus much more.
We will have many dramas and comedies over the 10 days - join your favorite.
Please leave all dangerous weapons or items that could be used as weapons at home (no salt please)
including sharp tongues and cutting remarks.
Please remember to bring your sense of humor and patience
We will be making a wonderful stew so please bring ingredients that will add to the flavor, sweet or spicy but no sour or bitter bits.

3:59 AM  
Blogger Debbie of Boise said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sarah, and all the deputies. I took a look at the schedule and went "Oh my G-d! Is there any time to think or reflect during this convention?" Looks like whoever made the schedule forgot about that part.

So for sure, everyday and probably more than once a day I will be praying for you as I watch, watch watch want happens during this shindig

9:04 AM  

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