01 October 2005

Book Bug

In my Anglican book there is a bug
who crept in there and died
who now is a two-dimensional thing

I wonder at my previous reader, how Senor Bug got smashed
was she as wearied as I am of Richard Hooker trash?
Did this "Sacramental Worship" page, where this bug lies decaying,
finally cause a slamming shut and accidental slaying?

I'm trying not to judge the killer, I'm trying to bite my tongue,
for I am not that into this, the reading's boring and long.
But it's one thing to slam it shut, and give it up to Jesus,
quite another to condemn an insect to this treatise!

I cannot help but to imagine, my poor six-legged friend
reading in his second life, all this history, first to end
for once its read, who would return to these silly didactic pages
and here's our bug in margain long, confined to it for all the ages!

I hope that heaven's not like this where cramped, we sit and listen
to Calvin, Luther, and Swedenborg enumerate their wisdom
if this poor bug's foreshadowing of all our evers after
I'm outa here! (*while slamming book and breaking into laughter*)


Blogger CJA said...

You're very, very silly.

4:18 PM  

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