19 September 2005

Ember Days, Shmember Days

This morning in chapel, M, a seminarian's daughter, read from Corinthians that "the kingdom of God depends not on talk but on power." Something about a young person reading the scripture makes the message clear as a bell and twice as convicting as when the rest of us open our tired mouths. When she read it, I wondered: am I living as though the kingdom of God is built on power, not words?

I finished my Ember Day letter, using my experience of M's reading as a springboard into how Katrina makes me feel like an ivory-tower-tenant in the midst of everything I could be doing that might be of greater service. Matt offered in repsonse to my panic that great thinkers all took their turn in school; it's my turn now, and I'll have something to contribute when my turn is up. I'm hoping he's right. If at the end of this all I have is white paper and white plastic, I'll cringe.

Mega Monday over and done with - the old 7:30-a.m.-to-6:00-pm-er is finished, week 2.

Food for thought: Read one Bishop's response to Nigerian Church events


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