05 October 2005

Bildungsroman with Snap

Mirrormask is the best take on a coming of age story I've probably ever seen. If you enjoy a little tripped out dream sequences, masks and an Edward Gorey-feel, please take your seats at a theater near you.

Since coming to California, to seminary, and since marriage, I've noticed how much I'm being asked to swallow these entirely foreign surroundings and digest them healthily and with thanksgiving. I do have the occassional bout with hiccups in the form of cryptic dreams, frustrated phone calls to friends, and some off-the-wall journal entries. I need artistic outlets during times of drastic life change. I seek a reflection for myself in books, movies, and music, and during these times I am also vulnerable, so it becomes important to choose cautiously where to take refuge. Thank you, Jim Henson friends, for reminding me that Legally Blonde and My So-Called Life reruns aren't the only bildungsroman flavors available. My tummy feels better already.


Blogger CJA said...

Celeste and I loved Mirrormask, and were at the same time totally weirded out. I think it matched the book, and Gaiman's style, very well. They did the whole thing on a miniscule budget, too.

As for brain-rotting entertainment, I actually bought a copy of Us magazine the other day, because I *had* to find out what was going on in Renee Zellweger's wedding. Had to.

2:27 PM  
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