12 August 2006

Movin On Up

You wouldn't think hauling our belongings from #13 to #12 would make us so tired. But it is three flights up from that cozy dungeon to this open loft. thanks to the help of friends and neighbors, everything is out from down there and in uncertainly placed piles in the new place. I enjoy the putting away more than the heavy lifting, but I'm dragging this morning. Matt got up at 8 and did some yoga and is now flitting around making breakfast and coffee and I barely remembered how to get to my blog to post. We're going to pick up our California King today - which should make us feel like very-tall royalty. Did you know that a Cali-King is longer and narrower than a standard king? I didn't - but my 6' husband is delighted to discover that he will have 7' of sleeping length now. I also bought a vacuum. I am extremely domestic. I know you're impressed.

had great dinner and conversation with seminary buddy last night about Japan, Shintoism, Christian vocabulary, what is political, and who is a prophet. It was sometimes intense but "at the end of the day," (as this friend would say) we were all hugging and thankful to have the perspective that each one brings. I think the level of vulnerability among our seminary colleagues really leads to meaningful relationships here. A few of us have had the experience that friends at other seminaries are shocked to hear that we tell each other here what we're struggling with and pray for each other. Apparently at other seminaries this is ill-advised because it exposes our weakness and colleagues would "eat you alive." Wow! This is our training for leadership in the Church? Scary! I'm hoping to foster genuine meaningful relationships of caring and speak out against the competitive spirit that others seem to perpetuate. We're here to support each other, so that we can support others.


Blogger Katie Knoll said...

Competition produces arrogance. Humility produces understanding.

12:22 PM  
Blogger mikey said...

yeah, what katie said.

6:42 AM  
Blogger TheCrowdBelow said...

and understanding arrogance produces pink lemonade.

7:07 PM  

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